How to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

It is a pretty common picture these days to look around a room and see about 80 – 90% of the people on their cell phones. Whether they are young or old, teen or parents… it doesn’t seem to matter. One report in 2016 from Common Sense Media showed that 72% of teens and 48% […]

Practical Tips to Improve Your In-Law Relationships

Learning how to work with your in-law relationships is a critical piece to the health of your own marriage. It it is also pivotal to the ongoing health of your relationship with your extended family. Yes, it’s true, these relationships can range from terrible to tolerable, and you may be lucky enough to have a […]

Helping Your Child Navigate Social Media

Anyone else feel like Social Media is driving the conversation in our world today? It’s difficult to find a balance through it all and helping your child navigate social media can be even more of a challenge. Feeds. Posts. Likes. Shares. Apps. Subscriptions. Games. And the list goes on… As parents, we can sometimes feel […]

How to Have Difficult Conversations

At some point in any relationship, we all have to face conversations that are difficult. How to have difficult conversations is critical to the long term success of your relationships and are usually the ones that get us really emotional. We might get emotional because the topic is hard for us personally, because of something […]

5 Easy Christmas Decorations to Make With Your Kids

It is time to deck the halls of our home and we wanted to give you 5 easy Christmas crafts to do with your kids. It’s always amazing to have those epic handmade crafts from your kids that you bring out every year to remember! These crafts would even make some great gift ideas for […]

How to Build Strong Family Relationships

Well this is certainly a question for the ages. When you hear the words “Strong Family” what immediately comes to mind? Whatever that picture is in your mind, you can trust knowing that building a strong family doesn’t just happen. There are some fundamentals that are crucial to creating healthy relationships. Take a moment to […]

How to Have a Better Family Game Night

Family game night can sure bring back some nostalgia and memories that are often filled with laughter, a little bit of competition, and hopefully feelings of joy and excitement. These are the same memories that we want to provide our family. Maybe even consider busting out some classics like: Simon, Don’t Break the Ice, Pick […]

Anxiety in Kids

It certainly is a difficult truth to face that our children are struggling with anxiety at such an astonishingly young age these days. Shockingly, the average age for an anxiety disorder to begin to take shape is 11 years young. As parents we have to understand that we cannot shield our kids from every troubling […]

Teaching your Kids about Forgiveness and WHY it’s Important

Forgiveness This is a HUGE topic and honestly one that deserves to be handled with so much care. There are many streams of thought that we can discuss surrounding this topic, but we are going to concentrate on how it looks to teach your kids about forgiveness and why the process is so important. Understanding […]

How to Raise a Happy Child

Raising a happy child, or children is a common goal that is shared by most parents. It is not likely that we have ever made the statement “I wish I could learn how to raise a miserable child.” Hahaha, crazy right? While this is an intentionally silly statement, there is much truth behind the notion […]