How to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

It is a pretty common picture these days to look around a room and see about 80 – 90% of the people on their cell phones. Whether they are young or old, teen or parents… it doesn’t seem to matter. One report in 2016 from Common Sense Media showed that 72% of teens and 48% […]

How to Build Strong Family Relationships

Well this is certainly a question for the ages. When you hear the words “Strong Family” what immediately comes to mind? Whatever that picture is in your mind, you can trust knowing that building a strong family doesn’t just happen. There are some fundamentals that are crucial to creating healthy relationships. Take a moment to […]

How to Have a Better Family Game Night

Family game night can sure bring back some nostalgia and memories that are often filled with laughter, a little bit of competition, and hopefully feelings of joy and excitement. These are the same memories that we want to provide our family. Maybe even consider busting out some classics like: Simon, Don’t Break the Ice, Pick […]

How to Raise a Happy Child

Raising a happy child, or children is a common goal that is shared by most parents. It is not likely that we have ever made the statement “I wish I could learn how to raise a miserable child.” Hahaha, crazy right? While this is an intentionally silly statement, there is much truth behind the notion […]

How Do I Connect Better With My Teenager?

Oh the trenches of parenting a teenager. Sometimes it can feel like your living through the terrible two’s all over again, riiight?!? Only now they are much bigger and certainly more vocal. It can definitely be a roller coaster ride with days of laughter, excitement and all the feels of raising an awesome human being […]

How to Make a Difference While Spending Time with Your Kids

These months have undoubtedly been some of the most trying times in anyone’s memory. As parents, it is possible that you have scoured the internet for every parental hack, tip, or trick in order to find something “to do” with your kids. At no other time in our modern world have we seen such a […]

How Old Should My Child be to Get a Smartphone??

What is the most appropriate age to give your child a cell phone?  This is a question every parent will be asking themselves at some point or another. Even if you have not made the decision to give your child a cell phone yet, most kids are still using some form of a device either […]

Should I Get My Child a Smartphone?

Should I get my child a smartphone? How old should my child be to get a cell phone? What are the risks involved with getting my kid a smartphone? When facing these decisions most parents feel completely powerless because cell phones are everywhere from the classroom, to social spaces and even at the family dinner […]

How to Address Opposing Views with Your Child

Most parents like to talk about how they desire to raise their children to be; self starters, troubleshooters, and even independent thinkers. This noble task is often met with smiles, some pats on the back, and maybe even a story or two of how things used to be in the “good old days.” Even as […]

How to limit screen time in your home

Really, you’re asking me to do WHAAAAAT?? Yes, we know setting screen time limits for your home can seem like a daunting task. In fact, it may even sound like crazy talk during this current Covid world. However, keeping a healthy balance in our homes is so important and even more so while we are […]