Got TO-DO lists? Maybe You’re Doing them WRONG!

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Building out this week’s TO-DO list? What if YOU are doing it ALL WRONG???

Ahh yes.. it’s Monday. This day is often met with some sort of snarky comment of drudgery. You know, the weekend is over, the relaxing is through and it’s time to tackle the week’s demands. Your body and mind are wanting just ooonnne more day to kick it. Hang with your family, your friends, and just hold off the demands that you know are coming right around the corner.

Instead of taking on Monday morning with the uglies – train your brain to see the start of the week PURPOSE! Fill your week with measurable steps and goals to give you a greater sense of direction. With that direction you can walk away at the end of the week feeling much more accomplished and honestly, looking forward to the start of the next week.

Let’s break this idea’r down. For starters, we’re NOT just going to form another list of projects to be completed. Let’s take a more holistic and well rounded approach to your week to build a combination of TASKS, managing your MIND, caring for your BODY, and nurturing your RELATIONSHIPS. Why make just a work driven list, LEAVING OUT the most important details that lead to more successful life?!?!?!? Well, many people make work driven lists, and wonder why they are missing so much more from life and that’s because they are doing it all wrong.


1. Let’s start with the TASKS: Why you say…well, because everyone has them!

Create small, measurable tasks that are building blocks to complete the larger goal.

Example: don’t write “clean out the garage” That’s too vague and will often leave you frustrated and overwhelmed the moment you set foot in the garage. Instead, take each day of the week, and take smaller bite-sized goals for the garage and break it down.
Monday – arrange left side shelves
Tuesday – go through old bins stacked on right side of garage floor … you get the point here.

2. Managing the MIND:

Start the week with a positive mental attitude. Find the best time of day and a quiet place to calm your mind and be still for you to MEDITATE. Practice what works for you. This may be meditation, praying, or simply working on making your mind still and concentrating only on your breathing.

This is also a practice the you can build on, and can look like this:
Monday – 11am. Meditate for 5 mins
Tuesday – 2pm. Meditate for 10 mins
Wednesday – 9am. Meditate for 20 mins.
And so on.. just be sure to practice this important element daily and work within your schedule.

3. Caring for the BODY:

This is a two-fold approach. What do we mean here? We are talking about what you do with your body (activity) AND what you put in your body (diet).

Monday – cut out sugar after 1pm, and walk for 20 mins
Tuesday – Eat a serving of vegetables with every meal or snack. Walk for 20 mins
Wednesday – Eat a serving of fruit with every meal or snack. Hike for an hour
See the trend of building on repeatable and attainable daily tasks

4. Nurturing your Relationships:

This may seem easy, but we often get so wrapped up in our day, that we get caught up in the day-to-day and find ourselves going days, if not weeks or longer without spending quality time with those we love the most. So scheduling this time is very important!

Monday – 7pm. Reach out to a friend that you have not spoken to in years and not just for a text message conversation, but a bonafide phone call, or FaceTime.
Tuesday – 8pm. Draw a picture with your child. Even if they are not artistic, you’re not, or either of you – maybe that will make it even more fun and entertaining! Laughing at yourself is a good thing 😉
Wednesday – 9pm. Layout a blanket with your significant other. Look through some old pictures. Prepare a bowl of fruit to snack on and reminisce for the next hour.

As you can see, this is not a typical list, and that is very much on purpose and extremely intentional. In order to take on life successfully, there are steps be taken in order to achieve the level of success you are looking to attain. We believe creating small steps will push you, but not overwhelm you so they can be accomplished. Habits are created through repetition and we want to help you find the most feasible way to meet your goals!!

Jason & Dellynn

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