Meet our F.A.M

Learn a little bit about our passionate FAMatics who are behind this incredible mission.

Jashin Howell

A visionary and marketing expert, Jashin has 30+ years of marketing and sales experience that has contributed to the success of many of the companies for which he has consulted. His passion is behind projects that make a difference, with experience creating unique business models that have a purpose and attract key talent to join the team and support a big vision.

Chris Lange

Chris has over 20 years of experience running and operating large and small businesses.  With an unparalleled passion for helping people, he has experience with non-profit organizations as a lead educator, where he helped thousands become educated and empowered in character building while creating awareness against drug addiction, social bullying, pornography, unhealthy relationships, and many other challenges we all face today.

Roger Badenhuizen

With over 30 years of promotional and marketing experience working with restaurants, entertainment venues, and travel for his employee rewards company, Roger has successfully scaled any business he’s involved with due to his strong media contacts and alliances and has been able to outmarket the competition in any vertical.

Kenna & RJ Watters

Kenna and RJ are award-winning, passionate marketing and branding experts with over 25 combined years of experience in advertising, digital marketing, web design, app design, user experience, branding, and omni-channel marketing strategies. They have two children together and are passionate about reconnecting families and building strong foundations.

Ryan Garey

Ryan is a motivational speaker, mastermind facilitator, and creative strategist for projects that do real good; he easily switches from big-picture ideas to actionable steps and motivating follow-through. Working from home full-time for 10 years, Ryan loves being a near full-time father and husband.


Nate Leavitt

Nate is passionate about technology and as one of the original leaders of Infusionsoft, he understands the need for automation with a focus on marketing. He’s an entrepreneur and has developed several technologies to help influencers get their message out into the world. Even with his love and knowledge of technology, he understands the importance of limited use.


Fred Gagon

Mr Gagon received a bachelor of science degree from Brigham Young University. He has an extensive background in corporate structure and funding and has been the catalyst for many start up companies that include companies in daycare, information database, food chains, real estate development and motivational companies. Most recently he finished consulting work for a fortune 500 company.

Franklin Poulsen

Dr Frank Poulsen has a PhD in Marriage and Family Relationship Development. Dr Poulsen conducts research all over the world helping identify issues that damage and weaken family relationships. He also specializes in various harmful addictions that both adults and youth face today. Dr Poulsen’s research and council has helped build some of the most influential and widely used material to strengthen both marriage and family relationships all over the world.