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Connection to parents, connection to kids, connection to people is key in helping solve many of our current issues today.  

So much of our current technology today with smart phones, social media, gaming and other entertainment provides very little real opportunity to authentically and genuinely connect with the people around us.  We need to learn to disconnect to connect.  Meaning that as we purposefully spend less time using these digital technologies and spend more time doing activities that connect us, we build fulfilling relationships that strengthens our character, gives us more purpose and meaning and provides healthy outlets to deal with many of the common issues we all face today.  The FAM Project programs are designed with this mind.  Not only to help provide ideas, tools and resources to build an environment and opportunity for better connecting as a family but also to help families save a ton of money while doing it and being able to give back to our community in a meaningful way.  

We're getting the family together

An app on both Apple and Android with BIG savings for the whole family, so you can disconnect to connect more often!  Have more fun doing more together… face-to-face… in your town or abroad… without breaking the bank!

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From Family Fun to Family Connection!

An app on both Apple and Android this is your family’s “one stop shop” for all things family!  Educational resources and tools with tips and tricks from the worlds best experts!  Find everything you need to build a stronger, happier and more connected family!

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Drive traffic to your business through our network of families ready to explore new things to do and new ways to learn at no cost to you!

Technology can be used to create amazing good in the world when used properly and effectively.  Our Fam FUNdrasing programs utilize our FAM Fun Pass App technology to help schools, youth programs, treatment centers and other amazing organizations that are cause driven to effectively raise money and provide valuable tools and resources.  Now these organizations can get what they need, when they need it in order to meet the needs and demands of their programs.   Our Fam FUNdraisers also help create fun community events that bring communities closer, more connected and unified to help raise awareness and resources for these organizations.  Now you can get involved!  Now you can make a difference!  

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