How to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

It is a pretty common picture these days to look around a room and see about 80 – 90% of the people on their cell phones. Whether they are young or old, teen or parents… it doesn’t seem to matter. One report in 2016 from Common Sense Media showed that 72% of teens and 48% […]

Helping Your Child Navigate Social Media

Anyone else feel like Social Media is driving the conversation in our world today? It’s difficult to find a balance through it all and helping your child navigate social media can be even more of a challenge. Feeds. Posts. Likes. Shares. Apps. Subscriptions. Games. And the list goes on… As parents, we can sometimes feel […]

How Old Should My Child be to Get a Smartphone??

What is the most appropriate age to give your child a cell phone?  This is a question every parent will be asking themselves at some point or another. Even if you have not made the decision to give your child a cell phone yet, most kids are still using some form of a device either […]