Reignite your Friday Night

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It’s Friday and time for a date night…

Ahh yes.. the good ol’ Friday night date. The classic evening where dinner and a movie usually abound. That once a week nighttime is loaded with unfiltered potential! You have worked hard all week, and now is the time to let your hair down, let go of the stress from the weekly deadlines, and simply enjoy this night with the ones that you love most.

Friday night can hold a strong sense of nostalgia. The kind that lingers in our minds when we really give way to thinking about what a long awaited date on Friday night feels like. When we think of a great date night, we are often met with warm feelings of blissful youth, pure excitement, and endless laughter.

The F.A.M. Project is all about recapturing, connecting and rekindling. Reigniting that passion inside that many of us are longing for. This is not an “exclusive to married couples” post, and no… we’re not trying to put a spin a “date night” where we give you “7 tips and tricks” on how to date your kids. Nope. This is not that kind of post. We’re also not going to tell you “How to date your spouse in 5 easy ways.”

Not this time.

This post is simply about setting ablaze the thought of what Friday nights used to mean to you. We want to encourage you to be creative in your own right!!! Reclaim FRIDAY NIGHT!! Maybe you whip up an idea and surprise whomever means something to you in your life. Set aside this specific night to make it happen, and find once again that anticipation of the fun you are going to have on Friday. Not just THIS Friday night, but also the one after that, and the other one after that, and so on.

So, instead of looking for “5 Ways to date your spouse” on Pintrest, (even though you may find some great suggestions there… save that for another night!) We want you to go within, dig deep and recall the free-spirited, genuine, and creative 18 year old self that can only be uniquely YOU and re-explore a Friday night date night.

Take the pressure off of trying to find the most “epic” idea for the evening and take the night to live without an agenda and the expectation that one Friday night will somehow rescue everything. Instead, take it one step at a time. Build on the excitement of just doing something that brings simple joy, the element of surprise, and unscripted laughter.

Approaching Fridays with this type of abandon may just end up giving you the time of your life!

Whatever you decide to do… have a great time!

Jason & Dellynn

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The FAM Project was started by a group of families tired of losing their kids attention to devices and social media. F.A.M. stands for Family Awareness Movement, and we are committed to shining a light so bright on the effects and issues surrounding the technological addictions that are destroying family bonds and leading children down dark paths, alone.

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All Rights Reserved © 2022 The F.A.M. Project

All Rights Reserved © 2022 The F.A.M. Project