Are Family Retreats More Beneficial than a Vacation?

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smiling husband and wife walking across a rope bridge

Each year you plan a family vacation, travel to an interesting destination and take in the sights and sounds to help release some stress from your fast-paced life. Family vacations are always looked at as a time for fun and reconnecting with your family. This isn’t always the case when your vacation starts and you end up focusing on the itinerary aspect more than trying to make new memories with your family. This is where family retreats can play a huge role in satisfying both aspects you’re looking for, a vacation and bonding more with your family.

What is a Family Retreat

A family retreat is a mixture of traditional vacation activities and therapeutic sessions. The traditional vacation activities would include hiking, sports, campfires, and so much more. The therapeutic side offers families a way to open up and learn how to truly communicate with one another and gain the emotional support they need to face the world when dealing with their everyday lives.

Family Retreat Benefits

Learn Valuable Communication Skills Between Family Members – Each day we all face our own problems and it is best if we talk about them, but a lot of time family members won’t open up to one another. Teaching effective ways to communicate with one another will ultimately help each family members realize they aren’t alone and they have this great support system already built around them.

Builds Confidence in Oneanother – As you are interacting more with your family in all the events from the more leisure events to the more emotional events, you will start to realize that your family is all on the same team together. This shows you how much they can be trusted and leaned on in a time of need. Working together as a cohesive unit can accomplish far more than going at a problem alone.

Amplifies Your Own Self Awareness – It becomes very clear on what areas you may need to work on within yourself to be a better supportive member of your family. When small issues are brought out into the open and discussed in a healthy manner, family members can make great strides in seeing that there are ways they can improve to help themselves and their families.

Improves the Quality of How You Support One Another – During some of the sessions, you are given skills that will allow each family member to better understand one another and provide support as needed. This could be realized when you just need to be a shoulder to cry on or more help through guidance from your own personal experiences. 

Create Memorable and Lifelong Friendships with Other Retreat Families – At these retreats, you won’t be the only family going through these life-changing experiences. You will meet and interact with other families daily and will form an amazing bond with them. They each can relate where you are coming from and a huge sense of pride and community is created which makes everyone even more comfortable in the setting.

As families grow and your kids become older, each one of you will be faced with new experiences and problems that can arise from everyday stresses. Your family should be an unbreakable bond that can offer support in any situation, so the next time you’re looking at a vacation just think for a minute if a family retreat might be a better option to help the growth of your family.

Chris Lange

With an unparalleled passion for helping people, Chris has experience with non-profit organizations as a lead educator, where he helped thousands become educated and empowered against drug addiction, social bullying, pornography, unhealthy relationships, and many other challenges we all face today.

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