Surviving and THRIVING. Parenting Tips and Tricks – an interview with Amber Trueblood

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We have all heard it by now. You know, the moans and groans of this “new way” of living over the last couple of months. Our kids are asking us why they can’t just go to their friends house, or why they can’t play at the park. Or the “why, OH WHY” are we asking them for the 100th time in only 15 minutes to get off of their devices and find something ‘fun to do’. We all continue to grind out these weeks with our significant other having some good days and some days clawing our way toward sanity as we try to navigate the waters of being on lock down in our homes 24/7. We find ourselves at times peering out of our windows at the world on the other side of that glass, daydreaming of the times that we can simply get back to what we once knew.

Oh!, and we have not forgotten the single moms and dads that are deep in the trenches of parenting thug life. Oh yes… we see you.. You are some of the true soldiers in this battle. You are pushed into the act of being all-things-to-all-people as you try to balance yourself, work, kids, (maybe even animals) while simultaneously cooking food, doing dishes, catching up on laundry, homeschooling your kids, doing another ZOOM meeting, shushing the dog, cleaning up another spill – all while chasing your ever elusive sanity – only to collapse into your bed after the end of another day and suddenly you realize that you haven’t even brushed your teeth today, or that you haven’t seen a shower since Saturday… and today is Wednesday!! Oh my gosh – then the words “please save us all” traverse through your mind as you attempt to quiet your thoughts and slip off to sleep.

Ahh yes, the struggle is undoubtedly true for all of us right now.

We here at the FAM Project are not late to discuss the COVID-19/Quarantine situation. What we did do is we took some time to properly assess how we can most effectively enter into this unusual conversation. We have seen and heard both ends of the perspective. There are those that think this is all hype and overblown propaganda, and the flip side of that shows people in full-blown panic mode, terrified to open the front door for fear that they, or their loved ones could get ill or die from the Coronavirus. Then, there are the mountain of people in the middle of those two perspectives who possibly feel a little of both sides (amongst other things) and are simply trying land somewhere. Individuals all around us are just trying to do their part to stay safe and operate with as much normalcy as possible in the given circumstance; all while being empathetic to what is actually happening. PHEW!…We recognize that there are a lot of serious things happening in our world today, and we cannot sit back in silence.

We really aren’t here to discuss COVID-19 specifically, but what we wish to do is be a resource for families and provide hope, help, and encouragement to the best of our ability. Part of our effort and desire is to give you the tools we believe are necessary to help you and your family whether in the midst of a crisis or not.

In the short interview that you are about to watch (linked in this blog) we have The FAM Project President and COO Chris Lang, along with Author and Marriage and Family Therapist, Amber Trueblood discussing her tips and tricks that she has used and taught families over the years. This impactful interview will not only give you insights for your personal life, but also how you and your family can approach circumstances during this time, and will also cover additional tools needed as you move through life with your day-to-day tasks.

This interview is not some stuffy, boring interview with a “know-it-all” who is going to gracefully descend from the heavens with all of her glorious knowledge. Nope. No way. Nuh uh. That’s a nope sandwich with a double serving of nope-sauce. Amber is a mom, a wife, and an experienced, well educated woman that has been in the trenches. She is not some shrink looking down the end of her nose at the rest of us peasants. She is real, authentic and honest in her loving approach to bring tools and even a bit of healing in all that she communicates. She is going to offer insights on:

1. Creating realistic expectations
2. Being honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t work
3. Letting go of the judgement from others
4. Dealing with outside pressures
5. Facing your inner doubts

Look, we empathize with you, and we understand that you are looking for relief and a bit of “new” advice – so look no further than The FAM Project’s interview of Amber Trueblood as we dive into the depths of what you can do to improve your situation immediately!

Jason & Dellynn

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