Things to do with your family this Weekend!

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What are some FUN things to do with your family this FRIDAY and over the weekend!?!

Ok, the work week is done, YAY!! the kids have completed their schooling for the week, THANK GOD and it is now time to have some FAMILY FUN action!!! With the Fam Fun Pass, and just some general creativity, you can make this Friday – and every Friday – a day of the week that everyone will begin to look forward to! Here are 5 tips that will help you get creative with things to do each and every Friday.

1. Log into the Fam Fun Pass (if you do not already have it, follow this link: and search the area that you are in and find out about local deals and steals on family activities, food and entertainment. The Fam Fun Pass is absolutely LOADED with places and spaces you can go to enjoy a night with your family all while saving money!! Who doesn’t like that???

AND what is even better… if you follow the link above, you can get all these discounts for 30 DAYS for FREE!!!

2. Have you ever considered checking with your local area town websites?? No really.. we are totally serious. You may think you know all that there is to do in your local area until you check with the websites of the cities and towns around you. Jump on Google and search your town, lets say its Gilbert, Arizona. You would not just type in Gilbert AZ, and hit search but use SPECIFIC keys words to help you search out what you can do on any given weekend. Use words like “discover Gilbert Arizona” or “Gilbert Arizona events” or “what to do tonight in Gilbert Arizona”. With these simple keyword changes, you will get an expanse of different things to go, do and see all around your area that I bet you never even KNEW existed! Go ahead, sit in the driver seat, and give that ol’ Google search engine a drive and explore all the new places to visit!

3. Eat somewhere you have NEVER eaten. I know, this one can be scary – ESPECIALLY with kids. But do yourself a favor and take your guard down, and explore the different flavors of the world to see what you do and do not like. When you call into a restaurant, tell them that you have never eaten that kind of food, maybe even explain your hesitation to try new foods, and ask for things that are good entry level foods to eat for first-timers. Also take the time to explain that you have kids, and that this experience is important to not be grossed out by super exotic flavors, but more about trying something new. You don’t have to jump in and do all dinners for everyone either. Maybe just a couple of different appetizers to sample is a the best way to start. And who knows, you may just discover the beauty of an amazing new dish!!

4. Divide the month into segments where everyone gets a chance to set the tone and activities for that given Friday. THIS is where the magic comes from. You will transform what Family Fun Friday will look like – forever. By planning it out, you give each person a chance to have their voice heard and their idea of a good time brought right to the forefront. Now, everyone may not want to do every activity, but that is the beauty of this activity. It becomes more about how to gather around one another and enjoy a few hours doing something that others enjoy. It really is about finding the joy in the smile of someone else in our family, and not just crafting a night to “do something.”

5. Lastly, do not get caught in the rut of doing the “same things” over and over. Really dig deep and explore different things you can do as a family that does NOT involve a screen. Want to play a board game, but are tired of being in the house? Then take your favorite board games outside and play that baby right by the riverside, on top of a mountain overlook, or even a tall parking deck overlooking the city.

Having a family can be hard work, but having fun should not be. We understand that things can get mundane, which is why the Fam Fun Pass is here to help, as well as provide quality ideas that will stretch your family and get to know each other in a whole new way!

Jason & Dellynn

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