Dealing with Addiction & Mental Illness in the All-American Home

Every single family will face its own set of challenges along this journey in life. No matter who you are, how much money you make, where you live, who you marry and even if you are the “All American” family… you are bound to encounter a few bumps along the way. Many families today face […]

Back to School 2020. 12 tips for Parents to keep your cool!

back to school 2020

School supplies are gracing the aisles of the stores, emails and phone calls coming in from school administration and teachers and it is time for Back to School 2020!! Except this year getting ready for “back to school” looks a little different! In fact, I think we are all wondering exactly what is in store […]

Dinner is Better When we eat Together

Family dinners…  Ahhh, the good ‘ol American past time. You know, the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ kind of FAMily dinners where everyone rushed to the table and viola! A piping hot dinner is served around conversation and laughter. Yep, that is what comes to mind when we reminisce about the good ‘ol days of FAMily […]

How to talk about difficult topics with our kids

What is going on in our world? What can we do about it? And how can we talk about these things in our home? We are all witnessing and/or experiencing so many things that are difficult to process for ourselves, let alone properly discuss them within our own home with our family and friends, or […]

So what is your 2020 “new normal” going to look like?

Yep, now that is a question of the day right now huh?? Everyone is talking about the “new normal” and what that is going to be like. Before all of the stay-at-home COVID orders came into our lives, there was a sense of “normal” in our everyday lives and schedules. You know, Monday morning comes, […]

The struggle is real… Learning the art of CONNECTING with your kids.

Anyone else feeling the struggle to connect with your kids? #thestruggleisreal Being a parent in today’s world is not for the faint of heart. It certainly brings all kinds of differing challenges. I’ve often said that being a parent is the absolute BEST JOB IN THE WHOLE WORLD while simultaneously being THE toughest job in […]