So what is your 2020 “new normal” going to look like?

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Yep, now that is a question of the day right now huh?? Everyone is talking about the “new normal” and what that is going to be like. Before all of the stay-at-home COVID orders came into our lives, there was a sense of “normal” in our everyday lives and schedules. You know, Monday morning comes, the alarm sounds, make coffee, rush off to work, meet deadlines, sit through traffic on the way home, eat dinner, try to relax in front of the TV, endlessly scroll through your phone, perhaps see your family for a bit, fall in to bed, wake up the next morning and REPEAT it all over again.

But is that really the life that we all WANT to go back to? Back to the day-to-day grind that tended to be so busy it could make your head spin? What IF we take this opportunity that we’ve been given over the last few months to set our intention and RE-Define what our new normal is going to look like. What if we take what we have all learned… that this life can be completely unpredictable and that none of us truly know what tomorrow is going to hold… and maybe, just maybe, let’s intend to do what is the most important thing to us and make each day count.

This thought concept is for the homes that have both parents in it, it is for the blended family, the single parents, the grandparents raising kids; you know… the whole village that is helping to raise the next generation and keep the sense of family intact.

Here at The FAM Project, we want to propose a new twist and thought on what your “new normal” can look like. So sit back, grab a seat, and enjoy as your thoughts enter into reflection, all while exploring what a new futuristic normal can look like in this 2020 way of living.

Check it out here:

Jason & Dellynn

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The FAM Project was started by a group of families tired of losing their kids attention to devices and social media. F.A.M. stands for Family Awareness Movement, and we are committed to shining a light so bright on the effects and issues surrounding the technological addictions that are destroying family bonds and leading children down dark paths, alone.

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All Rights Reserved © 2022 The F.A.M. Project